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Krystal Tsosie

Krystal Tsosie

Assistant Professor, Native BioData Consortium
Krystal Tsosie (Diné/Navajo Nation), PhD, MPH, MA is an Indigenous geneticist-bioethicist at Arizona State University in the School of Life Sciences. She is currently a Presidential Post-Doctoral Fellow transitioning to Assistant Professor (01/2023). As an advocate for Indigenous genomic data sovereignty, she co-founded the first US Indigenous-led biobank, a 501c3 nonprofit research institution called the Native BioData Consortium. Her research can be encapsulated in two main foci: Indigenous population genetics and bioethics, centering on bioethical engagement of Indigenous communities in genomics and data science to build trust. Her interest is in integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches to assess Indigenous variation contributing to health inequities. She also serves as the 2022‐2023 Global Chair of ENRICH: Equity for Indigenous Research and Innovation, which focuses on enhancing Indigenous rights to develop, control, and govern Indigenous data and supports participation in STEM and in digitally‐enabled futures. She currently serves on the Government Policy and Advocacy Committee for the American Society of Human Genetics and the National Academy of Sciences and Medicine Committee on Emerging Science, Technology, and Innovation.