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Laura Conway

Laura Conway

University of Pennsylvania
Laura Conway has been involved with genetic counseling education for many years, beginning in 2004 at Arcadia University. She was appointed to be the Associate Program Director in 2016 and continued with that role once the program moved to the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Conway has taken a leadership role in professional organizations such as the National Society of Genetic Counselors, the American Board of Genetic Counseling, and the Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors. She served as treasurer of the National Society of Genetic Counselors from 2015-2016, as secretary and executive committee member of the Association of Genetic Counseling Program Directors (AGCPD) from 2018 to 2019, and as the AGCPD President from 2020 to 2021. Dr. Conway was a member of the original Clinical Doctorate Workgroup of the AGCPD and a member of the Genetic Counseling Advanced Degree Task Force from 2011 to 2013. Her research interests often focus on issues that affect members of the genetic counseling profession, including a recent student thesis project assessing interest in and perceptions of a PhD in genetic counseling.
Dr. Conway received her BS in Biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and her PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Plant Sciences Institute of the University of Pennsylvania and worked as a research scientist studying oral vaccines at Thomas Jefferson University before receiving her MS in Genetic Counseling from Arcadia University. She was a clinical prenatal genetic counselor for five years before returning to Arcadia as a faculty member. Dr. Conway's teaching has ranged from Advanced Genetics and Foundations in Clinical Genetics and Genomics, to Introduction to Genetic Counseling Research and Professional Development. In 2015, she received the prestigious Lindback Foundation Award for Distinguished Teaching from Arcadia University.