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Leandra Tolusso

Leandra Tolusso

Cincinnati Children's Hospital
Leandra is a certified genetic counselor at Cincinnati Children's Hospital where she leads the prenatal genetic counseling team. She has 7 years of experience in the Cincinnati Children's Fetal Care Center where she works in the multi-disciplinary team evaluating and caring for patients with prenatally-diagnosed congenital anomalies. She is a member of the study staff for the multi-institutional PrenatalSEQ project, an active contributor to the Fetal Sequencing Consortium, and a research mentor to genetic counseling graduate students. Leandra also works as a cytogenetic laboratory genetic counselor and works with genetics trainees as a course instructor and clinical supervisor. Her research interests include genomic testing in the prenatal setting, medical and psychosocial management of congenital anomalies and genetic conditions, and innovative education strategies.