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Lynn Bush

Lynn Bush

Faculty, Boston Children's Hospital and HMS Center for Bioethics
Lynn Bush, PhD MS MA is a Bioethicist-Developmental Scientist and holds faculty appointments as Lecturer in Pediatrics pt, Harvard Medical School and in the division of Genetics and Genomics at Boston Children's Hospital. Dr. Bush is faculty member HMS Center for Bioethics, member of The Academy at HMS, and faculty HMS Genetics Training Program. At BCH, Dr. Bush is Faculty, Research Associate, and Collaborator to the Tim Yu lab on bioethical aspects of n-of-1 approaches and cases. She frequently employs the case method for teaching and research, and developed the pedagogical approach of "Narrative Genomics" with K Rothenberg. Currently she is also an Associate Investigator, contractual consultant, at NHGRI for SBRB Chief L Koehly's "Caregivers" Intramural project providing expertise in qualitative interview- mixed methodology. Prior to BCH-HMS, Dr. Bush was at Columbia, on faculty Pediatric Clinical Genetics, faculty Program Women-Children's Bioethics, and member CHONY Pediatric Ethics Committee. The amalgam of her interdisciplinary graduate-postgraduate study is broad, earning degrees in Psychology, Developmental and Clinical (MA; MS, PhD mentor L Bloom) subspecializing in pediatric rare conditions, neurodevelopment, genetics, ethics, and qualitative/mixed methodologies/longitudinal case research with descriptive and normative analyses and policy recommendation aims. Expanding upon experiences with mentors I Rapin and J Arras during internship and fellowships, her studies in pediatric neurogenetics, molecular-biochemical genetics, genomics, and bioethics continued and consideration of the contextual complexities posed by translational rare disease research deepened. To enhance policy-making and advising, she pursued further bioethics education culminating in another MS, focusing on pediatrics, and holds leadership and policy-making roles on national-international committees. Dr. Bush received the endowed Declan Hurley Bioethics award from Children's Hospital LA.