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Melissa Kelly

Melissa Kelly

Co-Director, MyCode Genomic Screening and Counseling Program, Geisinger
Melissa A Kelly, MS, CGC is a graduate of the Brandeis Genetic Counseling Program and a licensed, certified genetic counselor with a range of clinical, laboratory, and research experience that has centered around cardiovascular genomics, clinical variant interpretation, and genomic variant pipelines for more than 10 years. Ms. Kelly is Co-Director of the Geisinger MyCode Genomic Screening and Counseling Program (GSC) and Lead for the MyCode Clinical Variant Pipeline, responsible for the identification and review of variants prior to confirmation and disclosure to MyCode participants. She has also been a core member of the ClinGen Cardiomyopathy Variant Curation Expert Panel since its inception in 2014. Her research interests focus on expanding our genomic and phenotypic understanding of actionable genetic conditions, specifically inherited cardiovascular diseases, through population screening and translating this knowledge into clinically meaningful results.