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Nevena Krstic

Nevena Krstic

Assistant Professor
I have 12 years of clinical experience in prenatal and preconception genetic counseling and 5 years of leadership experience in a graduate genetic counseling training program in Florida. I am routinely involved in decision making regarding curriculum changes for teaching/training regarding abortion counseling. I have also participated in several trainings and discussions with colleagues across the nation regarding impacts of various legislation has had or may have on curriculum and training. As a clinician I routinely counsel individuals with pregnancies affected with genetic conditions and/or structural abnormalities. Counseling includes discussion of pregnancy management options ranging from abortion, in utero and/or neonatal interventions, and adoption. Practicing at a large academic center in Florida I have contributed my expertise and understanding of natural history of genetic conditions to help guide institutional policies, particularly regarding abortion post-Dobbs. I am also a mother of four and have strong belief that every individual should have the choice to decide if, how, and when they want to reproduce.