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Rajarshi Ghosh

Rajarshi Ghosh

Clinical Molecular Geneticist, NIH/NIAID
I received training in molecular biology and genetics studying the genetic basis of behavior during my PhD and subsequently studied the genetic basis of intraspecies phenotypic variation as a post-doctoral fellow. During my fellowship, I used genomic and molecular genetic approaches to show that natural variation in a glutamate-gated chloride channel contributes to the prevalence of resistance to anthelmintic drugs in nematodes. I also developed quantitative genetic and genomic approaches to uncover modular genetic architecture underlying behavioral traits. Next I joined Baylor College of Medicine as a Staff Scientist for the ClinGen consortium working as a part of several gene and variant curation workgroups particularly the hereditary cancer clinical domain working group. I joined Baylor College of Medicine as a ABMGG (American Board of Medical Genetics and Genomics) fellow in Laboratory Genetics and Genomics and received board certification by the ABMGG in 2019. After completion of the fellowship, I joined the NIAID as a Clinical Molecular Geneticist as a part of the Centralized Sequencing Program.