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Stuart Schwartz

Stuart Schwartz

Consultant Cytogeneticist, Laboratory Corporation of America
Stuart Schwartz is board certified in Cytogenetics, Molecular Genetics and as a PhD Medical Geneticist by the American Board of Medical Genetics. Stuart received his PhD in Medical Genetics from Indiana University and did his postdoctoral training at the University of Maryland. He was an Associate Professor at the University of Maryland, a Professor of Genetics at Case Western Reserve University and a Professor of Human Genetics at the University of Chicago and was the Director of Cytogenetic Diagnostic Laboratories at all three institutions. He was previously an Associate Vice President and the Senior Director of Cytogenetics at Laboratory Corporation of America at the Center for Molecular Biology and Pathology (CMBP).

Stuart has published over 180 peer reviewed journal articles and 24 invited chapters. He is a past president of the American Board of Medical Genetics and more recently on the Board and a past president of the Cancer Cytogenomics Consortium. He is also a former Cytogenetics section editor for both the American Journal of Medical Genetics and for Genetics in Medicine and has been a reviewer for numerous journals. He was honored as the 2018 recipient of the American Cytogenetics Conference Distinguished Cytogeneticist Award.

Stuart has extensive experience in cytogenetics, FISH and microarray analysis and has been instrumental in the development of the microarray studies at CMBP involving postnatal, prenatal, products of conceptions and oncology specimens. Most of his more recent work involves implementation and improvement of microarray analysis in the clinical laboratory. Over the course of his career he has been responsible for the training of over 25 students and postdocs mostly in clinical cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics.