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Tarun Karthik Kumar Mamidi

Tarun Karthik Kumar Mamidi

Graduate Student, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Scientific Bio: I am a doctoral student in the Genetics, Genomics and Bioinformatics theme in the Graduate Biomedical Sciences program at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am working on increasing my biological and biomedical skills along with my computational biology skills in order to help find diagnoses and answers for patients with genetic diseases. I have a Bachelors in Biotechnology from GRIET (India) and Masters in Bioinformatics from Indiana University. Before pursuing my doctorate, I worked as a Bioinformatics analyst at LSU Health Sciences Center and published eight peer reviewed publications, four as first author, studying human cancers.

Work history: As an undergraduate, I trained in Dr. Reddy's Laboratories (summer 2012) and Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals (summer 2013). I transitioned directly to a Masters in Bioinformatics at Indiana and was awarded a Graduate research assistantship for academic excellence. I developed a tool being used to identify post translational modification from secondary sequences. During my Bioinformatics analyst position with Dr. Chindo Hicks at LSU, I began to focus on omics data analysis to classify patients with prostate cancer. In 2019 I was accepted into the UAB PhD program to a lab that focuses on analysis of omics data from patients with rare disease.

Current research interest: My interests are application of data science and computational biology methods to identify and understand the impact of molecular variation in patients with rare or undiagnosed diseases. My research aims to integrate concepts of Machine learning and Computational Biology to this end. My long-term research interests focus on developing comprehensive AI/ML tools for bioinformatics analysis of biomolecular sequence data to diagnose patients with rare, undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed diseases.