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Xinrui Shi

Xinrui Shi

Graduate student, University of Virginia
I am a sixth-year graduate student in Dr. Hui Li's lab at the University of Virginia. I have a strong interest in developing novel disease-relevant genetic variants into diagnostic biomarkers and therapeutic targets. Our lab focuses on studying fusion genes and chimeric RNAs in normal physiology and various diseases. In my current research, I identified and profiled chimeric RNAs in healthy and preeclampsia placenta tissue. I also aimed to develop non-invasive biomarkers for preeclampsia diagnosis by validating preeclampsia-specific chimeric RNAs in blood. I'm also studying the molecular mechanisms of chimeric RNA formation by investigating chromatin structure, accessibility, and histone modifications. With my research experiences on the mechanistic and functional studies of chimeric RNAs, I contributed one chapter to the book "Advances in Clinical Chemistry", three chapters to the book "Chimeric RNA: Methods and Protocols", and other research publications. For my long-term goal, I strongly desire to be a clinical geneticist.