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Speed Mentoring Sessions

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Speed Mentoring Sessions

Building Bridges for a Successful Medical Career

New! Speed Mentoring Sessions
Thursday, March 14, 10:15 AM OR Friday, March 15 11:00 AM

Have you ever wished for ten minutes of conversation or advice from someone who has followed the career path you are interested in? Now's your chance! Sign up to participate in one of the new Speed Mentoring sessions when you register to attend the meeting. These are unique networking events that bring together genetics trainees and experienced mentors, fostering meaningful connections, mentorship opportunities, and valuable insights into navigating the challenges of a career in genetics. This opportunity is designed to give each participant practical insight into potential areas of study and practice.

How do I participate?
While registering for the meeting, you will come to a page with a list of events. Mark the Speed Mentoring session you are interested in as well as your topic(s) of interest. Approximately 6 weeks before the meeting, you will receive an invitation by email to participate in the session, including a link to sign up for appointments with specific mentors. Space will be limited.

Activity Description
The Speed Mentoring sessions will run for 60 minutes, during which time each mentor will host five (5) nine minute appointments. At the end of each appointment, the session moderator will announce that it is time to switch, and the mentees will get up and move to their next appointment.

  • mentees will select the 5 mentors they wish to talk to before the start of the meeting on March 12, using a sign-up site
  • a biography will be provided for each mentor
  • tables will be numbered, with one mentor seated at each number
  • both mentors and mentees will receive a list of their appointments upon arrival at the session
  • mentees must fill all five (5) "date" times when selecting mentors to meet with