Support, Promotion and Advertising Opportunities

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Support, Promotion and Advertising Opportunities

Support, Promotion and Advertising Opportunities

Increase your visibility at the ACMG Meeting

The American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) accepts educational and in-kind support from corporations, foundations, individuals, and other organizations only if such acceptance would not pose a conflict of interest and in no way impair the ACMG’s objectivity, influence, priorities, and actions. Support of ACMG services, events or programs does not permit influence over content, nor does it imply ACMG approval or endorsement of an organization’s policies or products, whether a service, event or program is funded by single or multiple sources. 

The ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting offers a wide-ranging selection of dynamic support opportunities to expand your competitive edge and increase your company’s visibility.  Sponsorship and promotional opportunities increase each participating company’s presence and support helps ACMG provide attendees with valuable meeting resources and essentials. The integration of support, advertising and promotion into your exhibiting plan are proven activities that enable exhibitors to reach their entire target audience, and in so doing, maximize the percentage of qualified buyers and customers that are attracted to the booth. 

Reserve your opportunity by committing to a sponsorship opportunity early! Apply for sponsorships at the same time as booth application, and receive Priority Points. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact or 240-204-9643 to discuss.

Annual Meeting supporters and sponsors will receive:

  • Listing and acknowledgement on the ACMG meeting website up to four months prior to the meeting
  • Acknowledgement on meeting signage
  • Priority Points for booth assignments


Share your Knowledge

Exhibit Theaters     *SOLD OUT*                  $4,000/half- hour time slot  
Add the option to have these video - recorded and added to the online event platform for on demand viewing for $5,000.
Notification Alerts:  The online event platform will send notifications to all attendees both online and in-person.  Discounted alert cost for Exhibit Theater presentations is $500.

Cost includes:

  • Theater seating for 100-125 attendees
  • A/V (lavalier, podium mic, screen and projector, A/V technician and laser pointer)
  • Sign outside theater with schedule for the day to include company name, session title and speaker(s)
  • Listing on the ACMG Meeting Website, promotion in ACMG emails and in the mobile app
Exhibit Theater

See the Exhibit Theaters page for a detailed description.

NEW!  Corporate Educational Satellite Sessions 

Beginning in 2023, the Corporate Educational Satellite Sessions will be part of the Tuesday afternoon/evening program of workshops and SIG meetings. These Satellite Sessions are not part of the official ACMG meeting programming, are not awarded educational credit by ACMG, and are planned solely by corporations/industry, ACCME providers, medical education companies and/or non-profit organizations.  These sessions should demonstrate new and innovative developments, generate interest in cutting edge products or services or share innovative insights to the meeting participants.  These activities must be presented with objectivity, balance and scientific rigor and not as promotional or marketing opportunities.   

There are two types of Corporate Educational Satellite Symposia: 

                Certified Educational Sessions are CME or CE certified for health care professionals in attendance, developed in compliance with the Accreditation Council                 for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) & American Medical Association requirements with regard to certified CME or other relevant guidelines for CE                 credit, developed independently by an Accredited CME Provider. 

                Non-Certified Educational Sessions do not carry CME credit, NSGC credit or P.A.C.E.® credit, are non-commercial sessions, developed in adherence of the                 ACMG Educational Satellite Symposia guidelines.

ACMG will assign meeting space to approved applications. Session organizers are responsible for all logistical arrangements and costs (room set, faculty payments, food & beverage, AV, etc. ).  

Application Fees and Application Due Dates
Fees paid are strictly an application fee and allows your company meeting space at the Hyatt Regency Salt Lake City (Headquarters Hotel – attached to Convention Center) or the Salt Palace Convention Center. Application fee must be submitted at the time application is submitted or within ten business days. 
                Completed applications received on or before September 6, 2022:  $25,000 
Completed applications received September 7 – October 31, 2022:  $30,000 
Completed applications received after October 31, 2022 (if available space remains):  $40,000 

Timeslots  Available (mountain time):
Applications will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis for desired event day and time.   The first deadline to submit applications for Corporate Educational programs was September 6 and all slots may be full at the time of release of the 2023 ACMG Exhibit Prospectus.  Please check the Exhibit/Sponsor page of – Corporate Educational Sessions page for availabilities.  

                Tuesday, March 14: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
                Tuesday, March 14:  4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
                Tuesday, March 14:  6:15 pm – 7:45 pm 

Increase Brand Awareness

Learning Lounge                                        $5,000    *SOLD*
Exclusive Opportunity

The extremely popular Learning Lounges are located on the Exhibit Hall floor and offer an opportunity for meeting attendees to experience 30-minute sessions on specific topics and serve as a venue for deeper conversations on hot topics and challenges facing genetics professionals. 

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor logo on the Learning Lounge structure
  • Sponsor video shown before the start of each session
Learning Lounge

Hotel Guest Keycards                                   $15,000   *SOLD*
Exclusive Sponsorship
Promote your company and Exhibit Hall booth location to attendees throughout the meeting by sponsoring the hotel guest room key cards. Keys will be in use for the duration of the meeting, beginning Tuesday, for all rooms within the ACMG room block at the headquarter hotel and other properties.

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor logo on guest keycards
  • Set-up and production costs of keycards

The Gathering Place                                       $8,000 
Exclusive Sponsorship
The Gathering Place is the hot spot at the ACMG meeting. An area with charging tables and comfortable seating, it is where the attendees go to relax, connect, and network.

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor’s logo will be placed on signage in the area.
  • Sponsor may place materials or a giveaway in the Gathering Place (items are subject to ACMG approval)

Job Board Sponsorship                                   $3,000
Exclusive Sponsorship
Promote your company’s logo and name alongside the official ACMG Job Boards. Content subject to ACMG approval. Good option for Career Fair exhibitors.

Cost includes:

  • Display of promotional literature next to the job board.
  • 30-day premier job listing in the ACMG Career Center.

NEW! HeadShot Café™                                     $15,000
The HeadShot Café™ is a high energy sponsorship opportunity, with incredible attendee engagement.  Impress attendees by sponsoring this new feature at the annual meeting – they will be lining up! A professional photographer will be at the ready from 11 AM – 1 PM on Thursday March 16 and Friday March 17 to take professional headshots.  This area will be located near the Career Fair making it a great sponsorship opportunity for Career Fair exhibitors.  

Cost includes:

  • Promotion in ACMG emails to registered attendees
  • Sponsor recognition in headshot area
  • Set up and professional photographer
  • Sponsor may have up to two staff members in the headshot area

Power Charging Stations                                 $8,000 each

Promote your products and services on highly visible
and frequently used charging stations located in high-traffic locations throughout the convention center.
These stations are branded with the sponsor's logo. 
High-top tables and portable chargers are also available.

charging tower


Convention Center Wi-Fi                                 $45,000
Exclusive Sponsorship
ACMG provides wireless internet throughout the convention center as a way for Annual Meeting attendees to stay connected with their office and day-to-day business and to provide interaction in sessions with Audience Response. Your company's name will be featured on the splash page for the complimentary Wi-Fi every time attendees and exhibitors go online. 

NEW! Lactation Room                                       $3,000
Exclusive Sponsorship 
The Lactation Room will be a quiet area for nursing mothers. Sponsoring this area says your company supports the hardworking moms of attending the ACMG Meeting. 

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor’s logo will be placed on signage in the area.
  • Sponsor may place materials or a giveaway in the Gathering Place (items are subject to ACMG approval)

Digital Signage

expoVu LED Signage                                        $4,500

expoVu provides a lively presentation of images and graphics via brightly illuminated LED screens. Transitioning in a continuous loop, these dynamic graphics effectively produce a compelling visual to attract attendees and increase booth traffic. Each expoVu will feature only 10 companies. Each image will transition every eight seconds and be seen every two minutes on four screens placed in high traffic areas. 
More information and order form here             



Amplify your message with  pre-meeting marketing, onsite visibility or both. 

Banner in the Registration Confirmation email        *SOLD*  $ 10,000
A banner in one of the monthly updates emails to registered attendees       $   7,000
Banner in the “what-to-know-before-you-go” email    *SOLD*  $ 10,000
Banner ad in the Daily email to attendees during the meeting (1 per day)       $   5,000
Banner placement on select pages of the ACMG meeting website (limited)     $    7,000

Pocket Guide Advertising                                 $5,500 – $6,500

The Pocket Guide replaces the printed Program Guide as we work towards a sustainably produced meeting. To provide attendees easy access to the schedule, the Pocket Guide will be distributed at the Registration Area. This will be the only printed schedule at the meeting, giving an overview of the sessions and activities each day. Contact to discuss options.

Ad Specifications:
Trim size: 3.5” x 5”
Full Page Ad: 3.75” x 5.25” (include bleed)

Pocket Guide

Ad Placements:

Inside Front Cover (C2)    *SOLD* $6,000
Inside Back Cover (C3)     *SOLD* $6,000
Outside Back Cover (C4)   *SOLD* $6,500
Inside Full Page $5,500

Mobile App Sponsorships and Advertising

Attendee adoption rate at past ACMG Meetings was OVER 85%!
ACMG provides attendees and exhibitors with a Mobile App that helps them navigate the meeting, speakers, abstracts, exhibitors, facility maps and interact with colleagues.

Gold Sponsorship     $10,000 Silver Sponsorship     $5,000  *SOLD* Banner & Landing Page  $3,500 each Alerts  $850 per alert
Exclusive Sponsorship
A highly visible opportunity, features your company
logo on the screen each time the app is opened, your banner ad appears more frequently and your company is highlighted in the exhibitor listing and on the floorplan.

Exclusive Sponsorship
Silver sponsorship provides your company
 with a weighted banner ad that displays more frequently, your company is highlighted in the exhibitor listing and on the floorplan.

Limited Opportunities
Banner is placed in rotation and appears at the top of the app screen.


Limited Opportunities
Alert attendees to your Exhibit Theater session or booth giveaway.



Escalator Clings

Place your logo or company message on the escalators of the Salt Palace Convention Center. Cost includes production and installation. 

4 Escalators to meeting Room Level - cost per escalator bank  

Glass sides

$15,000 for all 4 sides OR $10,000/side
Middle of Escalator Runners (2) $7,000 per runner


High Visibility Signage

Variable Pricing
Several areas within the Convention Center offer high visibility locations to provide messaging through signage. Opportunities include window and door clings, stair and column wraps. Contact to discuss needs, budget, and potential locations.

Exhibitor Listings and Description
Basic Listing Complimentary to all Exhibitors 
Exhibitor descriptions that appear online from December through July and will also be included in the mobile app.

Online Exhibitor Listing Upgrades Enhanced        $1,000; Premier: $1,500
Upgraded listing opportunities allow you to customize your online posting, making it more complete and more interesting to attendees. Enhanced listings permit the display of promotional videos and other collateral in addition to the standard product descriptions and categories.

Company Name, Address, Description, Booth Number, Email, Website, Sales Contacts *
Company Logo *
Social Media Links *
Company Profile 750 words 1,500 words 2,500 words
Product and Service Categories 5 10 15
Press Releases   3 6
Document uploads   2 4
Video uploads   2 4
Directory Profile Header Image    
Highlighted Listing: Make your company stand out with a highlighted listing   *
Premium Placement of Company Listing: Your listing will be placed at the top of the online exhibitor list and search results    
Online Product Showcase: Engage attendees with detailed product descriptions along with full-color images   2 4


Enhance the Attendee Experience

Make your company memorable by adding to the attendee experience during the conference

Wellness Pavilion                                        $18,000
Exclusive Sponsorship

The 2022 Wellness Pavilion was a great draw for ACMG attendees.  Features will include a relaxation area, wellness tips and therapy dogs!   

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor logo on the Pavilion structure
  • Sponsor may have up to two staff members in the Pavilion
Therapy Dog

Wellness Activity Sponsorships:

Yoga Classes                                                        $5,000 each day 
Sponsor morning yoga classes and provide your company an opportunity to promote wellness to the meeting attendees. 

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor acknowledgement at the class
  • Sponsor may have up to two staff members attend the class

Seated Massage and Foot Massage stations     $8,000
Give attendees the opportunity to rest and recharge in the Wellness Pavilion by sponsoring a seated massage station. Signage with the sponsor logo will be placed at the massage stations

Conference Notebooks        *SOLD*                             $10,000
Exclusive Sponsorship

Attendees appreciate somewhere to take notes during the conference. These notebooks are made from recycled paper and can be branded with your company logo. Notebooks

Hand Sanitizer                                                         $7,000 

Staying healthy right now is everyone's priority. Feature your company name and/or logo on individual bottles of hand sanitizer distributed in high-traffic areas at the Salt Palace Convention Center.  Hand Sanitizers

Refreshment Breaks                                                $18,000
Served in the exhibit hall or outside the main meeting rooms – refreshment break sponsorships are highly valued by attendees. Refreshment breaks always draw a crowd!
Friday PM  *SOLD*

Cost includes:

  • Signage featuring the sponsor's logo at all break locations 
  • Sponsors may provide appropriate branded items such as coffee sleeves or napkins for any break

NEW!  Diagnostic Challenges Evening                    $15,000        *SOLD*
The Diagnostic Challenge sessions (Medical Genetics and Laboratory Genetics) will move to the Friday evening time slot and be presented at the same time as the Pediatric and Prenatal Diagnostic Dilemmas – Rare Knowns and Unknowns session.  These three popular sessions will be held in adjacent rooms with a central location for beverages (beer, wine, soda, water) and snacks.  Attendees will be able to move from room to room to view the various cases of interest to them.  Sponsor logo will be on the walk-in screen and you have the option to run a short video before the session starts. Sponsor may provide logoed cups and napkins and have representatives in the area.


Early Career Professional Attendee Support

Trainee/Resident/Fellow Lounge                            $16,000
Exclusive Sponsorship
The Trainee/Resident/Fellow Lounge provides a destination for the 200+ young professionals attending the meeting to come together to network with one another and the College’s leadership. The sponsorship will provide daily refreshments for those that visit this resource area.

Cost includes:

  • Sponsor logo on signage at the entrance to the lounge, and on refreshment tables
  • Up to four sponsoring company representatives will be permitted access to the lounge at a time

Geneticist-in-Training Welcome Reception            $12,000       *SOLD*
Exclusive Sponsorship
Always a popular event for early career genetic professionals to learn more about ACMG and meet the association leadership. Opportunity includes a welcome from a representative of the sponsoring company. 

Early Genetics Trainee/Mentor Luncheon                 $8,000       *SOLD*
Exclusive Sponsorship
This lunch provides trainees, postdoctoral fellows and clinical fellows in the field of medical genetics the opportunity to meet and talk informally with senior members of the College about career options, goals, and professional opportunities and will draw about 200 attendees (trainees and mentors).

Cost includes:

  • Sponsoring company's logo on signage outside the luncheon room
  • Sponsoring company logo featured on walk-in slides
  • A company representative may attend the luncheon

Fellow, Trainee & Resident Travel Awards                $2,500 each

These travel scholarships provide young professionals eager to attend the meeting with funds to defray the associated travel and hotel expenses. Attendance allows them to learn of the latest research and developments in the field, meet with their colleagues and learn from their experiences. Sponsors will be acknowledged on the meeting website.


Reach your Target Audience

Digital Retargeting Sponsorships
Limited opportunities
$ 5,000/per campaign of 50,000 impressions
$ 7,500 per campaign of 75,000 impressions
$10,000 per campaign of 100,000 impressions

ACMG offers a unique and effective marketing opportunity for exhibitors and sponsors. This digital retargeting opportunity works by keeping track of people who visit ACMG sites via a cookie and displaying your ads to them as they visit other sites online. ACMG has created and tracked audiences through our site visitors and 2017 through 2022 digital campaigns. The exhibitor/sponsor develops a set of 3-7 ads which will target our digital audiences wherever they go online. For more information, contact

Ancillary Meetings and In-Conjunction-With Events

Hospitality/Ancillary Meetings and In-Conjunction-With Events
Deadline for Requests: February 14, 2023

The ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting brings together over 2,500 genetics and genomics professional attendees. This presents an opportunity for affiliates of ACMG (i.e. exhibitors, corporate supporters, ACMG members, patient groups, and nonprofit organizations) to hold meetings and events in connection with the ACMG Meeting. 

All ancillary, hospitality and In-Conjunction-With meetings held during the ACMG meeting must adhere to ACMG guidelines, regardless of the meeting location. Detailed guidelines and a form to submit for approval are in the EXHIBIT/SPONSOR section of  

    Events where attendees are invited may be held only during the following days and times: 

    Tuesday, March 14, 2023: 12:00 PM – midnight 
    Wednesday, March 15, 2023: 7:30 PM – midnight 
    Thursday, March 16, 2023: 7:00 PM – midnight 
    Friday, March 17, 2023: 7:00 PM – midnight 

    Exhibitor pre-conference staff meetings/orientations and internal corporate sales, business, or staff meetings that do not include meeting attendees may be held at     any time.

Other than the pre-approved Corporate Educational Satellite Symposia and Exhibit Theaters, which are industry-sponsored, ACMG will be the sole provider of all educational and scientific programming from Tuesday, March 14 through Saturday, March 18. 

Exhibit Hall Meeting Rooms                                       $4,000 - $6,300 
Deadline to Apply:  February 14, 2023

Exhibit Hall Meeting Rooms are available on a rental basis for companies interested in a conveniently located private meeting space. These can be used for internal company meetings, client meetings, a place for private product demonstrations or provide staff with flexibility and convenience when your booth is suddenly packed.  These rooms will be available to rent for the duration of the show or in one-day increments. Access to these rooms will be available during show hours ONLY.  Space is limited and applications will be processed in the order they are received.

See the details here

Drive Traffic to Your Booth

Lunch Coupons                                         $1,500/per 100 coupons
Give attendees an added reason to visit your booth by distributing Lunch Coupons (value $10 towards the purchase of concession lunch each day). Coupons feature your company logo. This is one of the most popular support items for attendees as it allows them a complimentary lunch. Your company benefits by driving attendees TO YOUR BOOTH plus they will remain in the exhibit hall during the lunch hour.

Aisle Signs                                                  $4,500/each
An opportunity for additional visibility from anywhere on the show floor. Drive traffic to your booth by prominently displaying your company logo, name, and booth number on one 2-foot × 4-foot double-sided space at the base of hanging aisle signs in the Exhibit Hall. Interested in two or more aisles? Ask us about a bundled discount.

Carpet Decals                                             $3,000/each
Place your company logo on the carpet in front of your booth or at the beginning of your aisle. Cost includes printing and installation. Locations to be approved by ACMG. Decals are 5’x 5’.

Pre-Meeting: Buyer’s Preview Deck         From $2,500
Official Pre-Show Mailer
The Buyer’s Preview Deck (a pre-show mailing card deck) will be the official way to reach registered attendees and ACMG’s targeted mail list before the meeting. This marketing opportunity will help you to increase sales, drive booth traffic and create brand awareness without the worry of creating, printing, and mailing of your piece. This very cost-effective method of reaching your target buyers will be provided to all 2022 exhibitors — all you will need to do is provide logos and other marketing information. The Deck will be mailed to all pre-registered attendees and past meeting attendees (total of approximately 5,000) approximately 3 weeks before the meeting by Expomarkit Media Group on behalf of ACMG.

This marketing opportunity is proven to help exhibitors increase sales, drive booth traffic and create brand awareness without the worry of creating, printing, and mailing of your piece. This very cost-effective method of reaching your target buyers will be provided to all 2023 exhibitors — all you will need to do is provide logos and other marketing information. Purchase is made directly with Expomarkit Media Group email: More information and order form here

Note:  ACMG no longer sells the mailing list of its attendees to comply with data privacy laws and regulations domestically and abroad.  All exhibitor pre-mailers will go through this service as the deck is mailed by ACMG and attendee information is not shared with companies.  

NEW! Branded Park Benches ( 4 available)

Place your branding on the park benches that will be in the middle of the main aisle of the exhibit hall floor.
Select just the bench or add a carpet sticker too. 

Branded Park Bench: $2,000
Branded Park Bench Plus Carpet Sticker: $3,000


Park Bench


NEW! GENEius Challenge for Geneticists-in-training

Jeopardy - style Game                                       $2,500 

New for 2023! An exciting opportunity for Geneticists-in-Training to test their knowledge in a Jeopardy-style competition. Contestants will pre-qualify to compete in one of three semi-final rounds - live at the meeting in Salt Lake City. The three winners of those rounds will go on to compete for the GENEius Award on Saturday morning.
The sponsorship funds a $500 prize for the 3 winners of the qualifying rounds and a $1,000 prize for the Champion. The sponsor will be acknowledged at the start of each round and logos will be placed on the GENEius Challenge webpage and on the desks used in the competition.